Thursday, April 10, 2008

Atom V

MWG Atom V,this phone was just released in SE Asia.And when I saw it,I know this will be my dream cellphone.Why?Because it equips all what I want into only a phone.
Firstly,it's a wonderful design,shining but mature.Behind that pretty face,it works with GPS(SiRF Star III chip),FM Radio,WLAN,HSDPA and tops with Intel XScale® PXA 270 Processor at 520 MHz which is a very powerful CPU.
More than that,it adopts Microsoft Mobile 6 professional running on the cellphone.This latest edition performs a lot of useful functions with a user-friendly system.
The retail price in Malaysia is RM2399.I think it is a real comparative price,but of course as a smart consumer,I need to wait for some time to achieve a much cheaper price.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Apple MacBook Pro

Oops,this is another dreaming stuff.Sleek and sturdy aluminium is covered to be its case with only from 5.4 pounds.
And the new specs of MacBook Pro are included Intel 'Penryn' CPU inside,therefore it can provide high perfprmance with lower power.
Apple's Mac OS X system is a quite creative operation system.The latest version-Leopard comprises lots of outstanding features like 'Time Machine' and it works very well on this powerful laptop.
But again,the price is wonderful.It's selling from US$1999(approx. RM6000+).I think I need to save money for years.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Nokia N82

After the first time I saw this cellphone,I forget how to refuse it.It includes so many features that I dream for.

It packs with 3.5G technology which won't let your cellphone to be outdated so soon.Together with WIFI access making the phone being a perfect tool of mobile life.Of course it isn't the end-5MP Carl Zeiss Optics+Xenon Flash gives you a 24-hour snapshot experience;GPS+AGPS helps you know every corner when you are abroad.

The metallic-designed exterior always brings me a cool,simple and noblest feeling.So how could I say no to such an attractive cellphone?

The market price is at RM2000,but below RM1500 is my price.Therefore I'm still waiting for the right time.

Blogging for what I want now

Yup,it's a brand new blog for me to record the new stuff that I like.Actually I think I will have tons of items to write because I am a fashion follower,especially in IT.But unfortunately till now I'm impossible to bring all things to my home.That's why I only can review them here and that's all.
Yup,of course they all will be my future target.