Friday, February 29, 2008

Nokia N82

After the first time I saw this cellphone,I forget how to refuse it.It includes so many features that I dream for.

It packs with 3.5G technology which won't let your cellphone to be outdated so soon.Together with WIFI access making the phone being a perfect tool of mobile life.Of course it isn't the end-5MP Carl Zeiss Optics+Xenon Flash gives you a 24-hour snapshot experience;GPS+AGPS helps you know every corner when you are abroad.

The metallic-designed exterior always brings me a cool,simple and noblest feeling.So how could I say no to such an attractive cellphone?

The market price is at RM2000,but below RM1500 is my price.Therefore I'm still waiting for the right time.


Chobits said...

Don't buy!! Buy my O2 for RM 1,500 (original price RM2,000),you want?

Then i can buy Nokia N82 when the time comes, hehe~~

Nokia N82 sounds attractive, maybe i will consider that too if you buy my O2.

liciece said...

A lot of new phones are coming.If you are not so hurry to get a new phone,just waiting for the surprises from Nokia or SE.

v i v i a n said...

looks nice to me~~ hey u know wat... my hp spoilt already... hmm.. i think its time... hehehehe

liciece said...

Why there are too many people tempting me?Not fair~~~ :P